Lucretia Hughes Presents: Faith Over Fear! Honoring Sept. 11th Memorial, Upholding God, Family and Country

Lucretia Hughes Presents: Faith Over Fear! Honoring Sept. 11th Memorial, Upholding God, Family and Country

On September 11, 2021, in Loganville, Georgia, Lucretia Hughes, the founder of Fallback Production Studios, will hold a rally for friends to celebrate her famous “God, Family and Country” agenda in her first “Faith over Fear” rally. The event is open to the public.

“The rally is for the purpose of defending the preservation of our nation’s values and to memorialize the victims of Sept 11,” Hughes said. “Everyone who agrees is welcome to join us.”

“I am so excited to have this event this year, in the midst of all the things that are troubling Americans, because when we can focus on our faith in God together, surrounded by friends, it makes everything seem less scary.  This is just my way of brining people together, who I have met along the way, to let the world know we all still believe in God, in our families and in our country,” Hughes said about the exciting upcoming event.

Hughes has had four years of trying changes in her life and some inspiring milestones in her passionate activism. She has gone from grassroots activist to a media personality and now a small businesswoman building a unique media empire designed for real patriotic Americans.

“I started out just going to political meetings around here, trying to get my pro-America message out before there was a real ground swell of other people doing the same thing, so I remember when my reach was smaller political groups, which I was happy for, but it didn’t change the things I wanted to change,” Hughes said.

” When President Trump was in office there was such a hunger for people of like mind to preach about “God, Family, and Country,” I was ready to jump up and get on stage and say it.  It was so good to with other Christians, conservatives and people who agreed with me, and I was able to get a bigger and bigger audience.  I want to help others do that with what I have built.  I think it will help save America,” Hughes said.

As seen below, Huges was a guest of President Trump, for the White Houses Black History Month event. (Front row, white dress)

“I want to save America for my children and grandchildren,” she said. “The Democrats talk a lot about what we need to do to help dreamers from other countries, well my children and grandchildren are dreamers too.”

It was the video that went viral in a Breitbart news story that really catapulted Hughes into the spotlight. After seeing the video, President Trump retweeted Hughes and set a small businesswoman into action.

Hughes rose to national recognition after a series of speaking events. She talked about her support of President Donald J. Trump and her long-time activism with the NRA and other conservative groups. Hughes showed contagious excitement for Trump, and along with her conservative ideas about the second amendment and immigration, her audience grew to a respectable and sizeable platform.

Hughes, who is self-funded, founded Fallback Production Studios along with her husband, Dave.  She has a daily podcast, titled Real News,  and recently received her national media credentials; Fallback productions is a growing grassroots-based media company for grassroots Americans.

Hughes does this all while taking time to spotlight others, her friends and associates, for large rallies and gatherings on her property.  She says she wants to be a part of the solution that makes America Great Again.

“I am very proud to be a faithful believer in God and to be an American, and I am always proud of my family. It seems simple to just celebrate that, even when things don’t look so perfect out there in the world,” Hughes said.

For anyone who would like to donate to Huges and her work, a Paypal account is available. Event information can be found at Eventbrite.  

There is a large group of confirmed speakers for the  9-11 Faith over Fear rally, as seen in the following promotional video. The list includes Military veterans, church leaders, social media personalities, political and faith leaders:

Confirmed speakers include:

Colonel Swain, YG Nightstorm, Apostle DJ Wiggins, Vivian Charles, Dr. Rich McCormick,  Rey Martinez,  Chandler Crump, Danny Hamilton, Evan Mulch,  Colton Furlow, Brown, Suzanne Monk, Harold Earls, Derek Gibson, Nzinga Johnson, Mack McGregor, Tyrone Jones, Cree C Sutton, Devonta Sullivan,  Isaac Smith, Kama Angus and Pamela Godwin, Celestine James, Michael Boggus, J Antonine Miner Sr, Surrea Ivy, Deon Black, Kenneth Jackson, Michele Manley Morrow, Carli Eli, Adrian Jones, Christy Bennett, Pastor Judy Bailey Jackson, Clint Dixon, Coleton Furlow, Chad Evors, Pastor John Lastinger, Erin Lastinger and Recorded message Pastor Greg Locke

This year’s Master of Ceremony is  Apostle DJ Wiggins out of North Carolina: Apostle, Entrepreneur, Musician, Singer, Author, Conservative, Gospel Artist, Song Writer. Apostle Wiggins Blessed our Nation and President Donald J Trump when he gave the opening prayer at the Charlotte NC Rally.