President Trump Taunts Rand Paul Over GOP Loss

President Trump Taunts Rand Paul Over GOP Loss

President Donald J. Trump released a statement and taunted Republican Senator Paul. On Thursday, over Paul’s loss, but reminds people that he does still like the Senator. So this is with a hint of that famous wit that Trump is known so well for, that he made an example of Paul. 

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

“Do you think Rand Paul will apologize for spending nearly $1 Million on another candidate in Ohio’s 15th District congressional race after I had already endorsed Mike Carey? In any event, Mike went on to an unprecedented victory, more than doubling the second placed finisher and Rand’s candidate came in a distant third out of eleven. Rand is a different kind of guy, but I like him a lot anyway, and I’m proud to have endorsed him when when he ran. Do you think he learned his lesson?”

The left used the statement about Paul as an opportunity to poke out at Trump, but that will fall flat because everyone with an ability to think about politics knows that the jab was a humiliation that Paul got for doubting Trump’s political power.


Weird rant?  No.  Show of political power. Everyone, including the GOP needs to take notes.